⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review of Haloed: Grafton County Series, Book 5 by Sue Coletta. Be sure you’re prepared for the past to resurface. @SueColetta1

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

After one of the worst, most terrifying nights of her life, Sage Quintano is told that her nightmare is over and that the man that took so much from her is dead, but is he really? It’s been eight years since Sage’s life was shattered and she was left in tatters. Now on the eighth anniversary of that night, she’s home with her toddler son and their two dogs, when her past seems to be sneaking in and leaving her terrified again. Sage’s husband, Sheriff Niko Quintano, doesn’t believe that the man that took so much from them eight years ago can be behind the clue left in their home. He was told that the man died in prison, but can he be sure of the report?

When a string of gruesome murders is discovered and clues are left behind, and Sage’s safety, freedom, and sanity are put in jeopardy, Sheriff Quintano has to start looking at things from his wife’s perspective, but he could be too late this time. Niko has a few insightful moments in this book, but his love, protectiveness and honor never waivers. He’s an officer that follows the leads and doesn’t jump to conclusions, he never waivers from his honor or loyalty to the job.

Sage Quintano is a favorite character of mine. She’s strong beyond belief, she’s determined, loving, smart, and an all-around great character. Her life as a mystery writer has helped her husband in solving murders and she’s found peace from her tragic past in her writing. She is a loving, caring, mother to Noah, her son, and Ruger and Colt, their two dogs that are more like their children. She is a powerful protector of her family and will put her life on the line for all of them. I loved this story, and although it reminded me that I should not read Sue Coletta’s books before going to bed, it was a great read and only left me wanting more of these characters. The danger, suspense, in depth information, and characters make this story a must read. I not only get a great story, but I learn so much from Sue’s books along the way. The strength and power of love Sage has for her family is wonderful. This story is tragic and haunting, with a bit of humor when Frankie is around, and it’s so worth the read. I give this book a 5-star review and can’t wait to read more of this series, or any book by Sue Coletta really.

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