NOW LIVE! 🏍Carnal: Mafia Wars New York, Book 4🏍 by Maggie Cole – REVIEW INCLUDED @MaggieColeAuth @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Carnal
Series: Mafia Wars New York #4
Author: Maggie Cole
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2022


One work meeting created an obsession neither of us could shake.
My boss’s brother was a friend…until the day he turned his dark-brooding eyes on me.
For years, I studied Tristano at the club.
I’d mimic his commands, dominating the most powerful, dangerous men.
Now, he wants me to submit to him—the opposite role I usually play.
So we make a deal.
But the urges we think we’ll overcome, we can’t.
When we finally come to terms with our secret, his enemy tries to destroy us.
Then I wake up, not remembering anything.
And the man who claims I’m his makes my skin crawl.
If only I could understand the flashbacks of the dark-haired, chiseled-faced man.
(CARNAL is book four in Mafia Wars New York. It’s a secret friends to lovers, boss’s brother, Dark Mafia romance, interconnecting stand-alone, and guaranteed to have an HEA.)



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Releasing October 15



Maggie Cole is committed to bringing her readers alphalicious book boyfriends. She’s been called the “literary master of steamy romance.” Her books are full of raw emotion, suspense, and will always keep you wanting more. She is a masterful storyteller of contemporary romance and loves writing about broken people who rise above the ashes.

Maggie lives in Florida with her son. She loves sunshine, anything to do with water, and everything naughty.

Her current series were written in the order below:
All In (Stand alones with entwined characters)
It’s Complicated (Stand alones with entwined characters)
Together We Stand (Brooks Family Saga – read in order)
Behind Closed Doors (Read in order)
Mafia Wars (Stand alones with interconnecting plot and entwined characters)
Mafia Wars New York-releasing now


MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Once again Maggie Cole has written a suspense filled, edge of your seat story centered around the Moreno Mafia family in New York. The Moreno men are dark, ruthless, protective, and Alpha. They protect their family and those they deem family ruthlessly and tirelessly.

Tristano is the youngest and the one with the most personality. He loves hard and fights hard. He has never really noticed his brother, Dante’s assistant in any way except as a friend and trying to steal her away from Dante. However, one day while in a meeting, he sees Pena for the beautiful woman that she is and now he can’t seem to get her out his head.

Pena has worked for Dante Moreno since she was eighteen years old. She’s fought her way to the top and out of the trenches she lived in as a child. She has great parents, but they worked their fingers to the bone to try to provide for their family and now Pena has a life she always dreamed of. She has watched Tristano at the club, as a Dom, for years, and she has used his techniques while overpowering the powerful men that frequent the club. Can she let herself be overpowered by Tristano, or will they fight for dominance over each other.

I loved this story of friendship becoming so much more. The danger that Pena’s life is in just being a part of the Moreno world has snuck up on her and now she’s fighting for her life, but is what she’s living now her reality or is it the reality of the Moreno enemy? Can Tristano and the Moreno family save Pena before it’s too late? I loved the story of these two fighting for dominance and their power struggles were entertaining most of the time. I love Pena and this story showed so much more of her and her personality. She’s bigger than life and the perfect partner for Tristano. I can’t wait for more of the Mafia Wars New York series and Luca’s story. I give this book a 5-star review and am waiting patiently for more Maggie Cole stories to come.

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