❖❖ 99 cent KB Worlds Sale ❖❖

❖❖ 99 cent KB Worlds Sale ❖❖

➜Weight of the Badge by T.R. Cupak https://geni.us/WotBadge
➜Fractured by DL Gallie https://geni.us/FracturedDW
➜Aegis by Hollis Wynn https://geni.us/Aegis
➜Endgame by Susan Pierce https://geni.us/Endgame
➜Confidential by Jillian Elizabeth https://geni.us/Confidential
➜Risk by Harlow Layne https://geni.us/RiskDW
➜Damaged by Ember Dante https://geni.us/DamagedEH
➜Worthless by J.Grayland https://geni.us/Worthless

Grab these books for just 99 cents for a limited time! (Also available to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited)

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