🔥 Review → Jackal: A Dark MC Romance (Death Hounds MC) by H.J. Marshall @EJBookPromos

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

She found her daughter, her freedom from captivity, and The Community, but she still felt as if her life was a mess. Would her daughter, sister, Jackal, and the Death Hounds MC family be better off without her around? Can her life have meaning after the tragedy that she’s lived through? Rose is a strong woman who has fought to get her freedom from the devil and his mother, she was able to find her freedom and some sanity when she killed her devil. She’s been reunited with her twin sister and her daughter. Now she needs to find purpose and a place in her sister’s life as well as a happiness. Adam might be the man to help her, but she has no idea if what she is feeling is real or not.

He’s fought his demons and has found a family within the Death Hounds MC; his aunt and his cousin are special to him. Rose’s daughter is a special little girl and has stolen his heart, but so has her mother. He doesn’t feel as if he is good enough for Rose or that he is the right man for her, but his feelings overpower him, and he can’t deny that he wants a life with Rose. Adam, “Jackal”, will fight for the woman he loves and prove to her and himself that he is the man for her and Iris, her daughter.

This story was heartbreaking and beautiful. Rose is a strong woman that has had devastating childhood since she was twelve years old and adopted without her twin sister. Her life was not what Violet had pictured it as when she was left behind. Rose had to fight so hard to get free of The Community and the man that owned her. When she finally found her freedom, she thought she was okay, but then another predator found her and preyed on her. She left him behind, but he found her and now her life is in danger again, only this time, there is someone else in the crossfire too and they are loved as much as Rose is by the Death Hounds MC and they will stop at nothing to find their family and protect them. I loved Jackal and Rose’s story. There was some miscommunication to begin with, but when they decided to talk and get their feelings in the open things were great. I love the Death Hounds MC, they are a great family, they love hard, and they fight fiercely for their loved one. I’m enjoying meeting the Death Hounds and reading their stories and I can’t wait for more. I give this book a 5-star review.

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