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From USA Today Bestselling author Misty Walker, comes a virgin hero, brother’s best friend, MC romance.

After serving twenty years behind bars for killing Talynn’s brother, Colton returns to Diamond, Texas.

But things have changed. Talynn’s a deputy for the Sheriff’s Department, and Colton, who now goes by Crow, is the newest member of the Diamond Kings MC.

With the weight of the law behind her, Talynn sets out to make Crow’s life a living hell in hopes of driving him out of town. The memories of that fateful day are still too raw, too painful.

One way or another, he needs to go.

Crow’s willing to take Talynn’s wrath; he deserves every bit of it. But not for the reasons she thinks, and now, it’s time to make things right. Especially if there’s a way to get Talynn’s beautiful brown eyes to look at him with something other than disdain.

Is it possible that everything Talynn thought she knew was wrong?

Crow’s Scorn is part of The Diamond Kings MC, a collection of novels written by some of your favorite authors. Come along with us as we take these MC brothers on the ride of their lives.

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