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SKIN DEEP by Bella Di Corte is LIVE!

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Life in three steps: Go to college. Get a job. Marry the girl of my dreams.

I went to college, then got a job with one of New York’s most notorious gangsters.

The girl? I lost her to a man who didn’t deserve her.

So, when one of Italy’s most famous women made me a proposition to help me win her back, I couldn’t refuse her offer.

Georgina “Gigi” Dolce wasn’t the shallow Italian principessa I took her for, though—and she was out to wreck my well-laid plans.


Harrison Ryan thought he had me all figured out.

Because the world called me “beautiful,” he assumed I only ran skin deep. But he had no idea who I was beneath the surface.

How I craved to be loved by someone loyal and unwavering like him. How far I would go to claim that love for my own.

And when I wanted something, I considered it mine.

I wanted him.

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MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He had a list, a plan for his future after his injury. He was determined to follow that list and plan, but his plans are shot to heck with Mari met Mac. Now Harrison’s plans are defunct as well as his list. He may have one more chance, but his life is still up in the air. The beautiful woman that walked up to him and asked him to dance along with proposing a deal with him, will turn his world upside down as well.

Georgina “Gigi’s” life isn’t what everyone believes it is. She is beautiful and in the public eye, but her life is not her own. She sees two faces in the mirror when she looks at herself. She has to fight for her sanity and the darkness surrounding her, but maybe the handsome man that she sees at her cousin’s wedding could be her bright light and bring her from the darkness.

I really liked Harrison and Gigi’s story. It was dark, pain ridden, and eye opening. Harrison sees more than Gigi’s beauty, but it takes a while for him to see it. This story had so many sides to it and brought so much to the surface for the reader. Harrison and his brothers have a lot to overcome just like Harrison and Gigi did for their relationship. I look forward to more of the Ryan brothers and the women that will bring them down. I give this story a 5-star review.

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