☀️🌷Good morning and Happy May!! 🌷☀️

With the start of May, I’d like to introduce a new and interesting author to you! I found @the_saviors_mc on Instagram by it being a suggested follow for me since I follow authors and a lot of MC related authors or posts, so I started following and was intrigued by the posts for Savior: Book 1 by Jennifer Saviano and I found the book on Audible. So, with a credit on my account, and in need of a good book to listen to while working, walking, driving, etc., I purchased the book and listened to it over several days while driving to/from work and while working (with my ear buds in at the office and through the speaker at home…😏). I would not recommend that you listen without earbuds while at work, just sayin’. 😇

You can check out my review at the link below, or go over to my Review Page. https://sassyredheadbookreviews.blog/2022/04/29/%f0%9f%8f%8d%f0%9f%94%a5awesome-new-mc-book-a-5%e2%ad%90%ef%b8%8f-review%f0%9f%94%a5%f0%9f%8f%8d/

I asked Ms. Saviano some questions about her writing, inspiration, and herself and would love to share it here with you. I highly suggest that you pick up Savior: Book 1 if you enjoy MC books, anti-heroes, sexy, growly men, funny, flirty sidekicks, or a bit of magic included.

Jennifer Saviano

 First Published book title and date: 

Non-Fiction: The Path of Witchcraft: A Guide for the Extremely New Witch 2018 – Which was a book I published for my students

First Published Fiction Book: Savior: Book 1 published in March of 2021

How did you start writing? 

I’ve been writing since I was about ten years old.  I’ve always enjoyed the craft of story telling

What inspired you to write?

My grandmother wrote a children’s book for me when I was little, and I wanted to try myself 

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Jennifer Saviano is the debut author of SAVIOR Book 1, a unique motorcycle club romance series. She has also published a Beginners Guide to Witchcraft for her students.  She has a soft spot for damaged heroes and medium dark romance and has always loved bringing characters to life.  In-depth story telling is her style as she enjoys making her readers experience what her characters are feeling.  When she’s not writing, you can find her with her own dark Knight, crafting or spending time with their three cats and dog, in the woods of the eastern Carolinas.

How did your book first come to life?

Story first or characters first?  It usually starts with a scene in my mind, usually triggered by music.  Then the character development, which leads to the story they want me to tell.  

Savior was inspired by a biker that saved my life when I was 15.  The Mission of the Saviors MC is inspired by my husband’s life dream of creating a sanctuary for abused women and kids.  He grew up in a broken home.  I admire MCs like BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and wanted to write an MC series that made bikers more fully developed human beings. So often they are depicted as being very misogynistic and either gun/drug/women runners.  Those aren’t the kinds of Bikers I know.

How can readers interact with you, follow you?

 I’m on Instagram @the_saviors_mc and TikTok @that_witch_nezzi

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