Review of Oath of Fidelity: Deviant Doms by Jane Henry #TuesdayBookBlog

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

I loved Romeo and Orlando’s stories, but I have to say that Octavio “Tavi” was my favorite. He is a man that decided to keep his heart barricaded and never to be soft on a woman that he marries. However, he wasn’t ready for Elise Regazza, like he thought he was. She was his prisoner and payment for her father’s betrayal to the Rossi family. She should have been his brother’s, but due to betrayal and two women pulling a fast one, she is now to be his wife.

Determined to never soften towards her, Tavi finds that his heart isn’t as black or hard as he thought. He thought no one would want to stick around and that he was a terrible man when his first betrothed decided that she would not be married to a Rossi. That hit him harder than anyone realized. I loved Tavi, he is hard, but when he let his guard down and finally let Elise in he has such a huge heart and is such a wonderful man.

This story has so many twists and there is betrayal as well. I love the characters, story, and I am looking forward to more of the Rossi men, and women. I love Nonna. I am really looking forward to Mario’s story.

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