🎁 PREORDER 🎁 🎀The Enforcer’s Holiday Package 🎀 @CrimsonSyn82

🎀The Enforcer’s Holiday Package 🎀
Series: A RBMC National Chapter Secret Baby Holiday Novel
Author: Crimson Syn
Releases: 12/17/21
Cover Designer: Lucian Graphic Designs


☠️BLURB ☠️
Siege has the world in the palm of his hands.
He’s working on getting promoted to the RBMC’s Road Captain,
His new business is booming,
And he is flying high.
Being an Enforcer to the RBMC has its challenges but it also has its perks.
Bikes, women, and liquor all served on a silver platter,
And he’s not looking to change his life for anybody.
That is until a knock at the door turns his world upside down.
The past comes hurling back at him,
and with it a beautiful stranger,
holding an unexpected holiday package.
This biker is about to get a wake up call his heart never expected.

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