Change of Heart BOX set 2

The Change of Heart series is available for the first time as a set, and is newly re-covered with an added bonus scene in Book 1.

Purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BN5YMK7

You can expect:

swoon-worthy book boyfriends

low-level angst

family sagas

all the sexy times

The Change of Heart series follows the Moore family and how each finds love with their perfect match. It’s steamy, dreamy, romance with swoon-worthy book boyfriends and plenty of sexy times.

Book 1: The End of Me (Blake and Cammie): One kiss, one touch, and their once in a lifetime friendship changes…

Book 2: I’ll Wait for You (Braden and Autumn): It’s hard to begin again when it feels like your whole world has ended.

Book 3: Make You Mine (Julie and Noah): Their attraction to each other was the easy part.

Book 4: Stay with Me (Jordan and Brooklynn): There was nothing fake about the way he felt for her.

Book 5: It Was Always You (Sophia and Heath): Has the matchmaker finally met her match?

#amandabailey #changeofheart #boxset #newrelease

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