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★☠ Jax And Jokers by Kristine Allen ☠★
★ A Demented Sons MC Texas Novel ★

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Jax & Jokers

Gunny’s story….

I’m a loyal member of the Demented Sons MC. My priorities were my club and my family. Add in one sick bastard trying to pick us off and I sure as hell didn’t need relationship complications.

Enter one hot waitress.

A chance meeting. One wild night. By morning, I was gone. Maybe I’d used her, but she’d utterly ruined me.


Brothers dropping like flies, adrenaline in my veins, she would’ve been a dangerous distraction – one I couldn’t afford.

At the worst possible moment, I made her a reckless promise. A promise I wouldn’t keep – because I’m no saint.

She was already mine. Too bad it literally took a hurricane to make me see it.

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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Jaxon (Gunny) is one sexy man. He is battling inside about his feelings about his brother Lock’s woman. He decides to take a job on a drilling rig to get away from Lock and his family as well as his MC brothers. On a night before he has to leave town to go back out on the rig, he sees a woman that looks a lot like Raiven, Lock’s woman. He decides to take her home and spend one night with her, little does he know that one night will change his whole life, but he won’t know it until after several months.

Avery is trying to make ends meet while working in a diner as well as going to school to study for her Masters in Sociology. She is struggling to make it, but she’s strong and determined. She grew up the system and after aging out of the system, she joined the Air Force. She’s a survivor and after her one night with Gunny, her life will change drastically and for the better.

I loved this story. The struggle that Gunny goes through to keep his feelings secret and in check, is a pure show of strength and leads him to the woman who brings him to his knees. Even though Avery is a strong woman, her strength is doubled when she is taken into the Demented Sons family and realizes that she has friends who care about her and will do anything for them. I give this story a 5-star review and now need to go back and read more of the series since this was my first read of the Demented Sons. These men are sexy, loyal to their family and friends and fun to read. If you like MC, ex-military, and sexy men with strong, sassy women, then you really need to one-click Jax and Jokers, by Kristine Allen. This will not be my last read of Ms. Allen’s work. She knows how to weave story of love, strength, suspense, danger, and sexiness.


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