☀️ ☀️ Out of the Dusk, by Leigh Robbins ☀️ ☀️ @LRobbins_Author @HiddenGemsBooks


Out of the Dust

This was the third book in the Never Lose Sight Series.  It was a very well written story. It was raw at times and it had me tearing up, laughing, and cheering for these two. Brett and Lauren had a lot to overcome before they could move on with their lives. 

Brett Parker spent most of his adult life as a Marine, fighting for his country and his life. He’s done with the death and destruction of war and now wants to reclaim his life and win back the woman who stole his heart. After making a promise to his dying mother he is determined to get her back in his arms and keep her forever.

Lauren Terrelli a woman who has finally gotten her life straight after heartbreak and a tragedy in her young life. She’s moved on and making her life with her best friend and partner in her bakery. One phone call could change everything in her life. The boy who broke her heart almost ten years ago wants back in her life.

They’re older now and so many things have happened in their lives. Can they find each other again and make things work this time? Will their past few years determine their fate? Can Lauren help Brett come back from a terrible war and be whole again? Brett has a lot of work ahead of him to transition back to civilian life and he needs to learn to share that with the woman he says he loves, but pride and fear may make it too hard for him to do.

I loved this story. It was raw at times and it was sweet at times. I was pulling for Brett and Lauren the whole time. They are perfect for each other and their love can help them heal if they could learn to communicate with each other.

I am hoping there will be more in this series because I would love to hear more about Hunter. I give this story a 4.5 ⭐️ review.

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