ARC Review of “Heart Stronger” by Rachel Blaufeld @rachelblaufeld ‏

This was a great story. I loved how the characters were written and how their meeting seemed to be fate,  and their lives ended up being so intertwined.

Aiken Fordham, a man who is looking for answers and his mother. Moves into a quint little place in Pennsylvania, where his mother grew up and returned to after leaving him and his father when Aiken was very young. He is now thirty years old, but he needs to know where his mom went, and why she left. Meeting the beautiful college professor next door, is just a bonus.

Claire Richards, a college professor, divorcee, woman who is still reeling from the death of her little girl three years ago. She just can’t seem to move on from the tragic day she lost her little girl. She needs closure and she never got it. Who was behind the terrible tragedy that took her little girl from her? She needs to be teaching this summer to keep her busy and her mind on other things. Her dog Smitty is friendlier than she is when she meets her new neighbor for the first time. She’s not ready to share anything about her life, especially with a stranger, and someone who makes her heart beat so quickly.

Aiken and Claire have a lot to work through if they want to share their lives and have their happily ever after. Claire’s best friend and boss, Mary, has Claire’s best interests in mind when she doesn’t schedule her to teach for the summer, and she will work behind Claire’s back to help Aiken win her heart. Can Aiken and Claire put their pasts behind them and live for the future? There are a few twists through this story and a bit of hotness as well. I give this book a 5 star review. It is well written and the characters are well formed and very likable.

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